Dried Fruit

A Tasteful Journey to Health and Delight: Experience Deep Pleasure and Harness the Power of Nature with Exquisite Dried Fruits

Iranian dried fruit wholesaler

Dates Ingredients

Dates & dates products: A Taste of Paradise in Your Hands, Delighting in the Wonders of Date Gardens in Every Bite of These Delicious Products

Iranian dates product wholesaler


Pistachio Pleasures: Indulge in the Exquisite Flavor and Nutritional Delights of this Amazing Product Offering

Iranian pistachio wholesaler

A Tale of Effort, Initiative, and Values that Set Us Apart

Iranian dried fruit bulk wholesale

Who We Are?

In our vision, social responsibility and environmental preservation are paramount for an export company. We are committed to improving working conditions, upholding human rights, responsibly utilizing resources, and reducing environmental impact. Our focus is on creating a sustainable and better future for our society.

A Tale of Effort, Initiative, and Values that Set Us Apart

We feel honored to introduce ourselves Who We Are? We run a family business, and it all began with our fascination with our father’s date plantations.We...
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We are experts in the production, supply and export of dates and date products to the five continents of the world. All the products offered by us are...
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Today, one of the key factors in international trade is for the discussion of fairtrade. Many companies are looking for suppliers who respect the rights...
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We are always looking for innovation and providing new services to our valued customers. Our R&D team is always dynamic and flexible and strives to...
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We always think about sustainable business and strive to achieve sustainability in our supply chain. We think beyond profit and attach great importance...
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Who We Are
Quality & Food Safety
R & D


Iranian Dried figs supplier

Yummy in your Tummy


Iranian long pistachio

An Incredible Nut with Unmatched Flavor and Value


Raisin supplier in Iran

Unforgettable Sweetness in Every Bit


Iranian dates supplier

Nature's Energy in Your Hands

Dates ingredients, the best natural sweeteners

Date liquid sugar
Date liquid sugar Date liquid sugar is produced from date juice after extraction, purification, as well as pectin compounds, protein, fiber and...
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Date Sugar
What is Date Sugar? Nowadays, due to the harm that sugar has for the health of the society, such as diabetes, doctors recommend the use of natural...
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Chopped Dates
Iranian Chopped Dates Diced Dates What are chopped dates؟ Chopped dates (diced dates) are a product made from...
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Date Syrup
Iranian Date Syrup What Is Date Syrup? Date syrup is one of the most nutritious syrup. syrups are actually...
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Date paste
What Is Date paste? Another product made from dates is dates paste. This product is also very delicious and popular like other date products...
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Dates Chocolate
Benefits of fruits
The Magical Elixir of Date Seed Coffee
Caffeine-Free: Natural Delight, Caffeine-Free, Health-Boosting, and Uniquely Flavored.
Blood Sugar Control, Balanced Nutrition, Delicious and Beneficial for Diabetes Management
Nourishing, Antioxidant-Rich, Cardiovascular Support, Deliciously Beneficial Brew.
Pistachio Powder

Rich and Nutritious Flavor, Natural Color, Added Nutritional Value, Creating Delicious and Unique Ice Cream.

Pistachio Paste

Intense Pistachio Flavor, Moist Texture, Enhancing the Taste of Pastries.

Pistachio Kernel

Exquisite and Flavorful, Creamy Texture, Beautiful Decoration, and Significant Nutritional Value to Desserts and Sweet Treats.

Date Delights

Iranian Dates: Embark on a journey through ancient history and nature. Sweet, nutritious, and delicious. A masterpiece from the land of Iran, the energy of nature in your hands.

Fig Delights

Iranian Dried Figs: A Journey into the World of Natural Delights, Exquisite Flavor with a Hint of Fragrance, a Perfect Blend of Decadence and Nourishment.

Raisin Delights

Iranian Raisins: Joyful Dance with a Beautiful Flavor, Nutritious and Miraculous in Every Bite, Moments of Wonder and Unparalleled Delight.

Apricots Delights

Iranian Dried Apricots: Unparalleled Sweetness, Natural Delight, Moments of Pure Bliss, a Taste That Transcends Boundaries.

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